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Technical Advisory Comittee

The Independent Tang Soo Do Association is headed by Gene Garbowsky, Sa Bom. However, direction for the Association is given by the Technical Advisory Committee which helps to steer the policies, directions and curriculum of the Association. The TAC consists of five Yu Dan Ja that have been appointed by Master Garbowsky. In 2014 the ITA Technical Advisory Committee was reorganized to better suit the direction of the Association.

Technical Advisory Comittee Members

Regional Director - Ohio and West

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Mr. Alan Ritvo, 4th Dan (#36575) started taking martial arts lessons at the age of 10 yrs. He studied Shotokan Karate with his original instructor in the Boston area where he had grown-up. Alan enlisted in the US Military after graduating from high school. He did his basic and advanced training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. He was stationed in Germany for three years with the 570th Military Police Platoon. Alan’s training consisted of police tactics and operations along with extensive hand to hand combat activities. Alan relocated to Ohio and owns and operates Riverview Martial Arts and Fitness. Along with martial arts and self defense programs, He also teaches group fitness and personal training.

Alan continues to keep fitness a key aspect of his life with a dedicated cardio and weight lifting routine. He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He is also very active within the community and was a recent board member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Alan continues his martial arts training under his current instructor Kwan Jang Nim Gene Garbowsky. Alan is a Master Instructor and a Regional Director for the Independent Tang Soo Do Association (ITA). At
Riverview Martial Arts, Alan continues to train and instruct his students including his children Lauren, Alison and AJ.

Alan is also a co-owner of Armed Combat Tactics “ACT” ( , which provides state of the art training with handguns and other tactical weapons including hand to hand combat. Along with being a black belt in Tang Soo Do and Combat Hapkido, he is also a certified NRA instructor. Alan lives in Rocky River, OH. Alan has four children, Brittany, Lauren, Alison and Alan Jr. (AJ).

Standing Members

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Mrs. Christine Wilson, 4th Dan (#36073) began her martial arts training in 1995 with Master Garbowsky In 1999 she earned the rank of Cho-dan, and continued studying Tang Soo Do with several different instructors and masters. She also studied Judo at the University of Pittsburgh, but with her outstanding kicking ability found that her niche truly is in Tang Soo Do.  In 2008 she and her family returned to training and studying with Master Garbowsky at his South Hills Karate Academy.  She and her husband, Mr. Dan Wilson, continue to teach and train at SHKA with their two children.  

Mrs. Wilson is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee and serves as Director of the Independent Tang Soo Do Association. She has had the opportunity to train with Kwan Jang Nim Ah Po, Masters Petroski and Klinedinst, and Grand Masters Giron, Hartman, Pallen and Taboada. She was awarded Adult Forms Grand Champion at the 2011 & 2013 Pittsburgh Tang Soo Do Championships and at the 2013 NAKF Battle on the Mountain at Seven Springs Resort.
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Ms. Mary Cayte Reiland, 2nd Dan (USA 11-08) has been training in Tang Soo Do since 2004, and under Kwan Jang Nim Garbowsky since 2008. She is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee as well as the primary sword instructor for the school, per her prior sword training in Moo Jung Gumdo. During her training with Master Garbowsky, Ms. Reiland has had the opportunity to train under Grand Master Andy Ah Po, also known as the “godfather of Tang Soo Do” as well as with other masters. She has traveled and competed in different tournaments, and competed for Grand Champion in weapons in the 2011 UTA Hershey tournament. Her goal for the upcoming years is to build a weapons curriculum in line with the traditional curriculum, with particular emphasis in armed and unarmed bunhae ki sul. Outside the dojang, Ms. Reiland is an independent accountant and bookkeeper for multiple businesses throughout the Pittsburgh area.
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Mr. Kevin Fedorchak, 2nd Dan (USA 12-02) began studying Tang Soo Do under Master Garbowsky in 2007. He has traveled with Master Garbowsky and attended and assisted in various clinics and training sessions, and is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee. Mr. Fedorchak regularly attends Tang Soo Do tournaments and enjoys competing in Forms, Weapons, Sparring, and Breaking, and does well in all events. He has been married to his wife, Beth, for 20 years, who can often be seen at South Hills Karate Academy events helping out. Their son, Casey, is a black belt (USA 12-03) at SHKA. Outside of Tang Soo Do, Mr. Fedorchak is an Assistant Manager at Office Depot.
Independent Tang Soo Do Association
Independent Tang Soo Do Association
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