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The purpose of the Student Resources Area is to provide Association members at Riverview Martial Arts with the best training tools available to help each member to get the most out of their Tang Soo Do experience.

You will find all of the training material and videos to be of high value. Initially, start with the Independent Tang Soo Do Association's Gup Training Manual as this will provide you with an overview of the martial art of Tang Soo Do as well as important training information and material. When reviewing and studying any of the videos, it is important that you
learn the required material at each appropriate belt level and to not get too far ahead. Learn your requirements first!

Training Material

Student Hyung (Form) Videos

Gup Required Hyung (Forms)

10th Gup White Belt - 2nd Red Belt Pre-Test
Our Form Requirements for Both Adults and Children
Please refer to the Association Gup Manual for Required Forms

Gup Optional Hyung (Forms)

These forms are not required for Gup promotions but are taught to Members as additional training material.

Chil Sung Hyung:
are tremendous forms for use in tournament competitions. They are also important to learn so that there is an understanding of our Tang Soo Do lineage and connection to the Founder of the Tang Soo Do Martial Art system.

Basics and Gup Combination Videos

Basic Gup Combinations

Basic Gup Combinations are required techniques for our White Belt - 4th Gup Green Belt Adult Students.
They are not required for children students.

Advanced Red Belt Combinations

Advanced Red Belt Combinations are required techniques for all Students 3rd Gup and higher.
  • Gup Combinations #4 - #6

Children's Long Distance Sparring

Children's Long Distance Sparring Techniques are required testing material for Students 12 years old and younger.

Yu Dan Ja (Black Belt) Hyung

1st Degree Black Belt

  • Yuk Ro Cho Dan
  • Chil Sung Sa Ro

3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Chil Sung Yuk Ro

2nd Degree Black Belt

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