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The Independent Tang Soo Do Association is a member friendly organization that strives to provide the highest quality services to its studio members including training opportunities, consultation and products that are of the highest value and quality.  Additionally, studio members have access to materials required for running a traditional Tang Soo Do studio including Gup and Dan certificates, testing materials and manuals that will add to the studio owner’s Association experience.

As a studio owner you need to always be asking certain questions about your current status:

  • Are you where you want to be financially?
  • Are you getting the support you need in order to be able to grow your studio?
  • Does your association or federation give you the tools and training to be able grow financially and personally?
  • Are you getting the necessary physical training?

Independent Tang Soo Do Association has been formed to help support not only Tang Soo Do practitioners but to help studio owners to grow their business fiancially.

Gene Garbowsky Sa Bom not only has run four successful studios throughout his Tang Soo Do career, but has also worked in industries where he has grown and transformed organizations. Most recently Master Garbowsky worked for the number one promotional product supplier in the United States, Polyconcept, NA. During the five years that he spent managing the custom import division he took sales from $12.5M per year to over $30M. He has hired and trained sales professionals and operations staff for multiple organizations as well as putting together and delivering motivational speeches. Additionally he as designed numerous CRM (contact relation management) systems to help facilitate sales growth.

With his background Gene Garbowsky, Sa Bom Nim can help to provide Association studio owners with tools and plans needed to help achieve financial freedom and to allow studio owners do what all Tang Soo Do instructors desire to see and that is the growth of their students.

As an Independent Tang Soo Do Association Studio owner you can expect to
receive the support you need including:

  • Proven business plans
  • Marketing materials
  • Email marketing and advertising strategies
  • Strategies that are proven to help you get the most from your web presence
  • Website design
  • Access to the best suppliers in the industry

Gene Garbowsky, Sa Bom Nim can be reached directly via phone at
412-418-3688 or via email at
Independent Tang Soo Do Association
Independent Tang Soo Do Association
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